ZT Dual Harness
Front & Rear Attachment

Built and designed for safety and comfort the ZT Dual harness is the ultimate in fall arrest and work restraint equipment.

The unique fully patented ZT Safety Harness design removes the need for groin straps, meaning it is comfortable and importantly eliminates the damage and trauma these straps can cause in the event of a fall.

Featuring a front and rear attachment points the ZT Dual harness ensures enhanced fall protection. ZT harnesses are incorporated in to high performance work wear resulting in a low snagging potential, reduced weight and comfort throughout the day.

Features :

  •           - Front & Rear attachment points
  •           - Certified to 150kg (approx. 22.5 stone/ 330lbs)
  •           - Certified to EN361:2002 Full Body Harness

Built for comfort:

  •           - No groin straps, Less risk of injury - no pressure point load to sensitive places.
  •           - No Metal 'D' Rings, Utilizing composite connection hoops and reduced metal components the ZT harness provides comfort even when driving.
  •           - Fully adjustable shoulder straps and central buckle, No restriction to movement and easy to use.

Built for Safety:

  •           - Eliminates 'Suspension trauma', No restriction to blood flow from the user being suspended by the groin region.
  •           - Greatly reduce risk of whiplash through distributing fall forces to the whole body.
  •           - Low snagging potential, No loose straps or lanyards so nothing to catch obstacles.

Additional Features :

■ Front & rear attachment point
■ Unique design reduces fall arrest forces by up to 40%
■ Reduces whiplash by an incredible 200%
■ No restriction to the femoral artery
■ Comfortable unisex design
■ Improved ability to self-rescue
■ Suitable for Fall arrest & Work restraint
■ Adjustable chest buckle
■ Adjustable shoulder straps
■ Ideal MEWP & Scaffold usage
■ Includes documentation & report card
■ Includes fall indicator
■ ZT Harness Bag available separately
■ ZT Harness is machine washable
■ Certified to 150Kg (approx 23.5 stone/330lbs ) body weight
■ PPE Directive (89/686/EEC)
■ Certified to EN361:2002 standards
■ Certified to AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
■ Harness is 100% Designed and manufactured in UK

Available Trouser Combinations :

■ Performance Work Wear Standard (Black)
■ Performance Work Wear Heavy Duty (Black)
■ Hi-Vis Elasticated Over Trouser (Yellow or GO/RT)
■ Hi-Vis (Yellow or GO/RT)
■ Coveralls (Navy, Yellow or GO/RT, Fire Retardant)
■ Ultra Light Weight Undergarment
  • Comfortable Unisex Design

    The ZT Harness is extremely comfortable and can be worn all day without any restriction to movement. There are no D Rings on the back so it is especially comfortable whilst driving. Unlike conventional harnesses where the webbing has to be fitted quite tight to the body, the ZT Harness can be worn loosely. The Harness is suitable for both men and women.

  • Eliminates Suspension Trauma

    If you fall from height wearing a conventional safety harness, 100% of the falling force will be directed to your groin area! The groin straps can restrict the blood flow in the femoral artery causing suspension trauma.

    The fully patented unique ZT Harness design has removed the need for groin straps and so distributes the force to the whole body eliminating any damage to the groin area allowing the blood to reach your major organs.

  • Suitable for Work Restraint & Fall Arrest

    The ZT Harness used with the correct lanyards are suitable for both work restraint and fall arrest situations. The ZT conforms to EN361:2002 PPE against falls from height - Full Body harness.

  • Greater Weight Capacity

    With a higher duty rating than a conventional harness the ZT is ideal for the larger operative, providing safety at height without requiring custom or additional equipment. Bespoke sizes can be made to order and are available on request.

    All ZT harnesses are certified to 150kg (approx. 22.5 stone/ 330lbs).

  • ZT Lanyard webbing

    The orange webbing takes the force of the fall and activates the gaiter system to distribute the force more evenly around the body. Inspection of the orange webbing should form part of the daily inspection.

  • ZT Harness webbing

    The black harness webbing makes up the structural parts of the upper torso section of the full body harness.

  • ZT Gaiter structure

    The unique gaiter system firmly grabs the calf in the event of a fall and spreads the force of a fall. Following a fall, the gaiter holds the wearer comfortably and does not constrict the groin area and main arteries.

  • 100% Made in the UK

    The fully patented ZT Harness is 100% designed and manufactured at our factory in Hickstead, UK. All safety components are sourced locally from Approved Suppliers that have been inspected and tested in accordance with the product regulations. All components are supplied with a certificate of conformity.

  • Conventional Harness

    When wearing a conventional harness it is recommended that the straps are fitted tight against the body.This makes the harness uncomfortable and restrictive whilst working and can cause the following damage;

    1. Whiplash
    2. Potential damage to kidneys
    3. Rectum and testicle damage
    4. Restricted blood flow
    5. Risk of blood clotting

  • What happens with a Conventional Harness

    If you fall from height while wearing a conventional safety harness, 100% of the falling force will be directed to your groin area. This can result in restriction of the femoral artery leading to Suspension trauma.

  • ZT Harness Benefits

    The fully patented ZT harness is built into work wear ,easy to put on and can be worn looser than a conventional harness so is extremely comfortable. There are no groin straps therefore less risk of injury to sensitive places.

    1. Reduced risk of whiplash
    2. Zero trauma to the groin area.
    3. Harness integrated into work wear
    4. Weight transferred to lower legs, ability to self rescue.

  • What happens with a ZT Harness

    In the event of a fall the calf gaiter clenches, pulling the legs up and taking the user to a seated foetal position where the blood can flow freely to the major organs.The fall forces are distributed evenly around the body so there is far less risk of damage.

  • 1. Putting on your harness

    Reach for the webbing, put arms through each side.
    Ensure the webbing is not twisted.

  • 2. Securing your harness

    Connect chest buckle securely. Adjust accordingly.

  • 3. Adjusting your harness

    Adjust shoulder straps if required.

  • 4. Attaching your harness

    Select a suitable karabiner (EN362) and attach securely to front connection points A + B

  • Step 1

    1. Insert webbing down inside one of the trouser legs.

  • Step 2

    2. Roll up the trousers.

  • Step 3

    3. Put the harness in the wash bag that was supplied with your harness.

  • Step 4

    4. Pull the cord to close the bag tightly and place in washing machine, low spin with other items to cushion the inside. Please refer to washing instructions.

  • Cherry Wood Engineering (J Mason)

    " I thought the ZT was really good and would be recommending to my friends and colleagues"

  • Reliance Contractors (L Walsh)

    "The Harness fitted very comfortably and I would definitely use the ZT in the future"

  • Mark Clarke

    "I found I was able to rescue myself and climb back on to the scaffold after being suspended, with a normal harness this can be difficult!"

  • Shiplake Collage (T Farnborough)

    "They are first class, we even heard some of our operatives say they can not wait to wear them"

  • Lactalis (Debbie Bale Chard)

    "We are very pleased with the harnesses, we wear them all day and don't even know we have them on"

  • AA Lighting Contractors (Dave Smith)

    "Initially I wasn't sure but after wearing them for 30 minutes I forgot I had them on"

  • Gatwick Airport ltd (Carlos gomez)

    "Didn't notice it when I had them on, no movement restrictions, far better than the old style"

  • Planet Partitioning (Louis Desmorais)

    "Really Really Good, Really!"

  • R W Green (Ben Webster)

    "More comfortable than a normal harness, very impressed"

  • Graham Parsons

    "A Great design compared to the old and uncomfortable harnesses"