ZT Restraint Lanyard
Adjustable Webbing 1.6m

Introducing the New ZT Safety Lanyard, thoroughly tested and backed by industry leaders the Adjustable ZT lanyard is easy to use and highly reliable.

Ideal for work restraint in a number of applications this lanyard can be used in a wide variety of tasks such as securing an operative in a MEWP / Cherry picker basket or reducing the risk of a fall by preventing an individual from reaching an area where a fall may occur.

Unlike other restraint lanyards this lanyard benefits from using ultra high strength webbing which provides a light weight, highly flexible and easy to inspect, means of performing tasks at height whilst remaining safe.

The ZT Adjustable Restraint lanyard enables a user to perform working at height activities whilst preventing falls occurring

Features :

■ High strength sewn attachment loops
■ Highly visible colour easy to spot & stands out
■ Compatible with a wide range of karabiners
■ Safe and easy to use
■ Adjustable to the desired length
■ Perfect for work restraint
■ Available with and without Kararbiners
■ Great Strength to weight ratio
■ Highly Flexible

■ Corrosion resistant
■ Easy to inspect & maintain
■ PPE Directive (89/686/EEC)
■ ISO9227:2012
■ Certified to EN358 :1999
■ Certified to AS/NZS1891.1:2007