The Evolution of the Fall Safety Harness

25 June, 2010

Vertikal Days at Haydock Park, saw the official launch of the new ZT safety harness. The ZT harness is marketed as a fall arrest and fall restraint harness, and employs a unique design that eliminates the use of groin straps and importantly the damage they cause.

The fall arrest harness was met with a great deal of interest as users of existing fall harnesses saw the excellent benefits that this new type of harness would bring. Taking away the use of groin straps would make the harness more comfortable to wear in every day use, and as the harness is already 'built into' a durable pair of work wear trousers it can be worn effortlessly throughout a working day.

As well as being more comfortable to wear for workers at height, if the user were to experience a fall, the harness reduces the fall arrest forces by up to 40%, and once the user comes to a resting position they are held in a 'close to' horizontal seating position. Once in this position there is no restriction to major arteries and to blood flow, thereby reducing the risk of suspension trauma and the critical consequences.